Phoenix vs Icarus

I normally write blog post ideas in my planner.  Presently, I know what I’m writing about for the next two weeks.  And when I write an idea down, I almost always go with it.  Almost.  What I’m writing today has been postponed twice.  Originally I was supposed to write about this the day I wrote about John Mahoney.  I rescheduled it to last wednesday- which I then realized was Valentine’s Day.  Well, I needed a special post for Valentine’s – didn’t I?  But- here it is – the post that has been pushed off twice.

A few months ago I wrote about how I had lost eight pounds in the first two months of my diet.  yay.

Today I write that I haven’t lost any weight since then.


Yeah.  This sucks.

My first thought is : karma.  I got cocky about having lost weight in the beginning.  I felt invincible. The holidays came and my goal was to maintain my weight.  Which I did.  I ate just enough at parties and gatherings to stay where I was weightwise.  I was stoked that I did great at that – I had conquered the secret of eating well during the holidays.  I was a Goddess.

See- this was my downfall.  I was Icarus flying too close to the sun.  And now my wings were melting.

See, I haven’t been able to get back into the groove of losing weight.  I haven’t been eating as thoughtfully as I need to be in order to lose more weight.  Which is fine if you are content with your weight.  The problem is:  I am not content with my present weight.  Which means I alternate between cranky and sad as far as my weight is concerned.  I had a day where i sort of binge ate.  See, I’m an emotional eater:  something goes bad,  I take comfort in food.  Bad habit.  If something is good, I use food as a reward.  Bad habit.

I don’t know what I’m more mad about- not losing the weight or not being able to control my emotions.  Which makes me more mad about myself.  Downward spiral. I had a sort of binge eating episode- I had an entirely carb filled day- carbs and I don’t agree- they just blow up my body so I was essentially being self destructive.

And then I had to wonder:  did I keep pushing the writing of this post off for some psychological reason?  Was I trying to not actually deal with my emotions?  Was i trying to make believe that I wasn’t upset or pissed off?  Did I think that seeing the words on the screen would make everything too real?


Too much thought for a Friday?  Well, it doesn’t matter cause here it is, on the page.

So today I am going to try to deal with whatever crap is running through my head.  I’m going to act in a positive way and try to lose weight again in a healthy manner.  I’m no expert, but I’m going to say that diets fail because of the brain.  If you want to lose weight you have to monitor your attitude, your feelings, your behaviors.

And so I begin again

Call me Phoenix.


Resolution: Exercise

How many people made a resolution to exercise more/be more fit?   My gym has seen a surge of people…

I know I did.  But I set that as a goal every year.  And I keep it.  I set my goal as 5 days a week, but truth be told, I usually exercise 7 days a week.  In a perfect world, I do spin class twice, two weights classes and elliptical 3 times a week.  This year I propose to replace an elliptical session with a Pilates reformer class.  I need to get more flexible- that’s my actual fitness goal for the year- flexibility.

But back to you guys:  How do you keep up an exercise regimen?

  1. Start slowly.  Don’t rush out and join a gym.  Look at the different fitness options available- there are so many now.  Find something you are going to enjoy doing and will look forward to.  Seriously.  Exercise should be fun- it shouldn’t be something you dread.  And exercise is anything that gets you moving.  Dance class, jumping rope, swimming, fencing, soccer…’s up to you!  Choose what you want!!
  2. Now this brings me to my next point- I know the following opinion goes against popular opinion, but DON’T EXERCISE WITH A BUDDY.  This is setting yourself up for failure.  First off, you may not enjoy the same exercise- so having your friend along side you will not make it any better.  Secondly, if your friend is sick, would you still go?  The motivation should not be solely based on your friend riding an exercise bike next to you, but because you want to be on that bike.  But I understand the allure of having a exercise buddy.  My suggestion is simple, find the exercise you like, and find a new friend who enjoys it.  I have gym friends.  I have friends in my exercise classes and friends I elliptical next to.  These people help keep me motivated, because we are both enjoying the same things.  So rethink who your exercise buddies are.
  3.  Start slow.  I know I began a paragraph like this already, but this is something slightly different.  When you are starting out, set your goal to be working out 45 minutes a week.  Seriously.  Say you are going to work out once.  When you do it, it will feel good.  after a few weeks, add another session.  Build up slowly.
  4. Ease up.  In January, I see all the newbies start out in a class, and they take that first class full throttle, the heaviest weights, the most reps, the highest jumps.  They are all in.  Until they’re not.  Because I rarely see these people again.  And maybe it’s cause they don’t like this sort of workout.  That’s fine.  But it’s also because they work out hard, feel like crap (cause you will- using muscles you never use isn’t pretty) and decide it’s not worth it.  So, my advice, that first class, that first session- get the lay of the land.  Figure out what’s expected.  Find your pace.  Concentrate on doing something the right way.
  5. Make sure you love what you are wearing to exercise.  I know this sounds shallow, but if you don’t like what you are wearing, you will be less motivated to work out.  Workout clothes don’t have to be expensive- but you should be comfortable and able to move about freely.

The goal of an exercise routine should be to get fit, but remember, there are all different ways to reach that goal.  Figure out your individual path.  Figure out what makes you happy, and what will keep you exercising and healthy.

I know you can do it!

These are my personal observations.  i have no degree in anything related to this- I just exercise every week and these are things that got me started.