Gratitude Saturday December 15

You all know that this week did not go exactly as I wanted it to… But we keep going…

  1. My Husband turned 50 this week!
  2. He finally got his AARP card so I am no longer the butt of the age jokes
  3. lotion for dry skin
  4. sneakers
  5. A Christmas tree that is not too big
  6. the subways running when I need them to
  7. My writing friend K who called me with a great writing idea
  8. My friend G who listened to me whine when I awaited my daughters college results
  9. Mt daughter winning a High School service award
  10. Beautiful holiday cards with pictures of children

Gratitude Saturday

On Saturdays I try to reflect back on the things that were good during the week- no matter how large or small. I need to stop and savor the moment every now and then, even if I was unable to buy Queen tickets.

  1. My Daughter was named one of the NYC PSAL (public school athletic league) MVP Scholar Athletes
  2. My Sister’s birthday
  3. My daughters friends and my friends children are beginning to get college acceptance letters
  4. warm scarves
  5. celebrating Hanukah with my family
  6. Finally figuring out how to spell Hanukah
  7. Potato pancakes with chunky applesauce
  8. Holiday Music in small doses
  9. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
  10. That others are worried about the new WordPress Editor
  11. My friends who keep pulling me back in if I start to wander away

Gratitude Saturday

I’m trying to remember to focus on what is good in my life, so on Saturdays, I think about the little things and the big things that got me through the week, and through life.  Some weeks are easier than others.

  1. George Bush- RIP
  2. My Daughter’s first marking period grades
  3. Attending my last parent teacher conference- it went well and I never have to go to one again!
  4. My writing group- they motivate me and make me better in all ways
  5. free shipping
  6. Looking for an item for my daughter and realizing they have one left and it’s in her size
  7. Lord and Taylor and all the years we went to visit their Christmas Windows- (they are about to close the Fifth Avenue NYC location)
  8. Really good cry
  9. nail file
  10. Finding the perfect song to suit your mood
  11. The support of my blog friends and my other friends- Thank you

Gratitude Saturdays March 31

It was a pretty good week.  Odd, but it’s difficult to pin down why a week was better than another.  Yet there you go.  Enjoy you seder to all who partake.  Happy Passover.

  1. my ability to read fast when I’m trying to finish a book in two days
  2. my ereader for easy access to books
  3. google maps for when I get lost in the city I’ve lived in for 30 years
  4. University of Chicago for best intro letter ever
  5. WordPress scheduler
  6. Rusty Staub.  You were one of my favorite baseball players.  RIP
  7. Final Four (go Nova)
  8. Opening Day baseball 2018
  9. Mets win on opening day
  10. The ability to say that the Mets are in first place
  11. Having cash when you realize you are at a cash only restaurant
  12. Aloe tissues
  13. ointment to heal my burnt finger