Sunday Wrap Up

Fall is in full swing, though not necessarily the weather here in NYC- it was a bit warm.  Here’s my ratings: 0-5.  All things take place in NYC unless otherwise indicated.  I have received no compensation for anything listed here- just telling you about my week.


“The Woman in Cabin 10” Ruth Ware  This is a psychological thriller that I think most of the world has read by now.  Travel writer goes on a luxury cruise with the purpose of reviewing it.  Things go awry.  Fun, a bit suspenseful….sometimes you need a book like this. 4


“Stronger” the story of one of the Boston Marathon survivor.  Pretty good Jake Gyllenhaal.  Story fairly well laid out.  Not a bad biopic.  4.1

“Battle of the Sexes” the story of the tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, and how Billie Jean worked towards equal pay for female tennis players.  Not a bad movie- I’m always up for a movie about a strong woman- I found this interesting because though I am a lifelong tennis fan, I did not start watching the pro’s till I was slightly older. 4


Will and Grace- Didn’t love how they explained away the relationships and children- but still love the show….Ben Platt as guest start was amazing, especially as last thing I saw him in was Evan Hanson…..but it doesn’t matter cause it’s Will and Grace…..4.5


Brooklyn Botanic Garden- Chile Festival.  A yearly one day event, where the botanic garden seeks to get people to come visit in the fall.  It works.  About 2 dozen hot sauce and condiment vendors descend and give out samples of their wares.  If you are a chili head like me, you are in spice heaven.  Plus, you’re outside, in the gardens.  One of my favorite places in the city (FYI- I am a member of the BBG- so I pay a yearly member fee) 4.8

Chihuly at Night- New York Botanic Garden.  The glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly are on display- and boy are they gorgeous all lit up at night.  His sculptures that are placed in or near water are really amazing, as you can catch the reflection…mesmerizing.  Though, as I strolled through this exhibit I could not help but wonder how they transport and set up these works- they are so intricate and fragile.  I do not want to know what the insurance is……4.8

Holly Coulis at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery- I’ve read recently that Coulis is an artist to watch. I liked her because her art is straight forward and beautiful.  While I know  the purpose of art is to shock, or to make people think, or to push the boundaries, sometimes I just want to look at something and say- OK- it has meaning and attitude, but it’s also relatable.  That is how I felt about this artist- she takes everyday objects like kitchen utensils and food, and paints them.  If I were rich, I would buy her work and display it. 4.3

And there you go!!!  I had more, but I have had many technical difficulties this morning and I need to run!!

Peace all!!


Most Active Blogs Award

I would love to thank for nominating me for the Most Active Blogs Award.  I only discovered this blog recently, but my fellow blogger epitomizes both kindness and strength!  Please check out her blog!

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It’s Friday.  This week, we found a solution to the worlds problems and we defined love.

No we didn’t but at least we talked about it- agreed or disagreed- but we opened a dialogue.

But today- I pose the following question:  Why is Daughter getting more mail than anyone else in the house?

Ahhhhh- because she’s a Junior in High School.  And marketing season has begun.  There are approximately 4000 institutes of higher learning in America.  I think my daughter has received a brochure or email from 1/2 of them.  But have no fear…it’s only October…I’m sure the other 2000 will come through eventually.

Now- I know there are people who are going to say “Wow- that’s early.”  But to be fair, we began college shopping this past summer.  Again, people are shaking their heads and saying, “Wow, that’s early.”  But hear me out- if you see a school that you like that seems out of reach, you can still make a push in Junior Year- colleges want to see an upward trajectory.  You still have a shot at that school- but if you wait till Senior year- you may not.

But…there’s a lot to think about when choosing a college. This is my one and only daughter, and we’re just starting the process, but I’m going to share what we’ve learned so far .

  1. Cost- Have you seen the cost of college?  Seriously- there is no way a kid is going to come out of school with a salary that comes close to what some of these schools are charging per year.  So you need to decide how much you want to spend, and how much debt you want to incur.  Maybe you need college,(personally- I’m not so sure you actually need it- but that’s a whole other blog) but how much do you want to owe?  FYI- each college has a net cost calculator to give you an idea as to what the school expects you to pay.  And you have to look at colleges that are willing to give you merit aid- if you choose a college where the average student has a lower average, this school may be willing to entice you with grants and such.
  2. Location- this is more important to some than others.  My daughter wants a school that is Urban, or in a town center.  She has grown up using mass transit- she would not feel comfortable in a rural environment.  But others would not do well in a city, so you have to find what is comfortable for you.  And…how far away is the school from where you live?  Do you want to be across country?  Do you want to be an hour away?  Do you want to take a flight home or drive or bus or train?  My daughter really doesn’t want to be west of Chicago, but her best friend is set on California….all depends…..
  3. Size- how many undergraduates do you want?  My daughter is looking at between 5000 and 10000 undergraduates.  She feels this is a good number for her.  The schools in this range tend to have somewhat lower teacher:student ratios.  That is important to her.  Some students may want less, others more.  Figure out what size is right for you.
  4. Field of study- Do you have an inkling what you would like to study?  My daughter wants humanities, so a tech or heavy science school is not in the cards for her.  If you don’t know what you want, you are probably better off at a somewhat larger school where it is easy to sample many different things, and you don’t need to reapply to different schools within the school.  Be prepared- say you decide after Freshman year that you want to be an engineer, you may have to add a year to college- a major like that has a lot of requirements and course sometimes have to be taken sequentially.
  5. Greek system.  How important are frats and sororities?  My kid- she’s actually looking at schools that offer no Greek life, or where less than 20% of students are involved.  It’s not her thing.  But it could be someone else’s.  Everyone is different.
  6. Sports.  Do you want a school where everyone is at the football game on the weekend?  Do you want to be involved in March Madness?  Do you want to be immersed in a culture where sports is important?  My daughter is leaning towards sports lite schools, but that’s not a deal breaker.
  7. Academic intensity- do you want a school where the kids are really competitive towards grades?  All colleges are academic, but some are more academic than others.  Be honest with yourself- which environment is better?
  8. Party school- let’s face it- some kids want an active social life.  Some schools are better at this than others.  We went on a tour of a small New England Liberal Arts school- one student said “How is Tuesday night different than Friday night?”  The tour guide looked at the student and said- there really is no difference.  The student asking knew right away that this was not the ideal choice for them.
  9. Extra curricular- Are you passionate about something and want to pursue it at college, but not as a course of study?  Maybe you love pottery for fun, and want a pottery club at school… can find a college with a club that shares your interest.
  10. Ranking- how is the college ranked in the various books and articles.  Is being at a ranked school important?  Do you want to attend a school where the name is recognizable?  These schools are REALLY hard to get into- many of them have an acceptance rate of less than 15% (and that’s being generous).  Kids applying to these schools have been thinking about it since Freshman year- they are prepared.  And even if they are prepared, most of them are not going to get accepted.  That’s the reality.

And at the end of the day- you must remember- going to college does not guarantee success.  The joke at Harvard is that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Matt Damon never graduated, yet they are by pretty much any standard considered successful.  You will only get out of life as much as you put into it.

Sure, college might open some doors, but if you enter a room, you still need to work and plan and do things.  No one hands you money just because you went to college.  No one hands you anything.  A diploma is not necessarily a golden ticket.

Unfortunately, I will be talking about college a lot.  I can’t help it- this whole year is college centric and sometimes I’m going to need to vent in a public forum.  I need to give myself a reality check every once in awhile.

Peace and love


What is Love?

The other day I made the mistake of saying that the Millennials killed love…. big mistake.  My favorite Millennial blogger schooled me about this topic- they do love, and believe in love, but….the definition of love has shifted a bit.  It’s logical when you think about it- love is fluid.  Love is undefinable.  Ask 10 people to define love, and you will get 10 different answers.  For example:

  1. John Le Carre- “Love is whatever you can still betray.  Betrayal can only happen if you love.”
  2. Pat Benatar-” Love is a Battlefield”
  3. Andy Williams- “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” (fyi- splendored means brilliant- don’t ever say my blog doesn’t teach you anything)
  4. Shakespeare- “Love is a smoke and is made with fume of sighs”
  5. Ann Landers-“Love is friendship that has caught fire.”
  6. Aristotle- “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”
  7. Maya Angelou- “Love is like a virus.  It can happen to anybody at any time.:
  8. Yogi Berra-“Love is the most important thing in the world. but baseball is pretty good too.”
  9. Nietzsche- “Love is blind: friendship closes its eyes.”
  10. Plato- “Love is a serious mental disorder.”

As you can see- we humans have been discussing love for a long time- but who is right?  All of them.  Who is wrong?  None of them.  Because the definition of love resides in the heart and mind of each individual.  Each person brings in their own unique definition of love.

What’s my definition of love?  Damned if I know.  Is it looking forward to talk and spending time with someone?  Yes.  Is it thinking about them when they’re not around?  Yes.  But I think this way about cheeseburgers, so is there something more?

Sexual desire?  Is that love, or lust?  Does it matter?  Sex is sex…..(but at least I don’t think about cheeseburgers lustily, so we’re ok)

Is love wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone?   I think we all start out like this- “I’ll love you forever.”  Now, we know this doesn’t always work out…so does that mean it wasn’t really love?  Can love be temporary?  Is it still love if it only lasts a few years?  Back to cheeseburgers- I have loved cheeseburgers for the majority of my life, and I don’t see the affection waning……….

So basically, all I’ve established today is that I’m in the middle of a lifestyle change and I’m craving a cheeseburger…..

You didn’t think I had the answer to what is love, did you?

I know I have loved.  I know that I love.  I guess, love is allowing your heart to open so much that it can break.  It’s letting someone into the recesses of your soul, even though logic keeps telling you to stop.  Love is letting yourself be vulnerable- trusting someone with your essence, knowing that the other person has the ability to destroy you- but you do it anyway- because love is worth losing yourself.  To love fully is to experience the best and worst parts of life- and live to tell the tale.

So – what’s your definition of love?  remember- there are no wrong answers.

My Personal PSA

I read about a Facebook post the other day- it went something like this:

I have no sympathy for ______________________ because they’re all_________________________.

You should never be making  a statement like this.  Ever.  This is not a fill in the blank that you should want to take part in.  No mad lib should ever contain a phrase like this.  Try it- add some words…because It doesn’t matter what you add- it only ends up with hate.



You should be practicing these things every day, with every person you come in contact with.  Every person.

You should teach your children respect and empathy.  It doesn’t matter if you teach them anything else- as long as you teach them  to respect others and empathize with them.

If you ever make a statement like the one at the top, if you ever treat anyone with anything less than respect and empathy, you are part of the problem.

This isn’t political.  I don’t discuss politics.

But I do want to try to talk about a solution.  The solution begins and ends with respect and empathy.  Anything less is part of the problem.

I try my best to be as respectful and empathetic as possible to everyone I come in contact with.  It is not easy- but I try.  So today, just for today, try it.

And tomorrow I will return to romance, and how I got schooled about love…FYI you can teach an old dog new tricks.  And I’ll give you more organizing tips…..

Peace and love to you all.  Every single one of you.

What’s Love got to do……….

There were four of them in the dorm room that day- 3 women and 1 guy.  One of the girls, Z was sort of dating the guy, (this was the eighties which meant they weren’t actually sleeping together)- the other two girls were there because they were bored and it was Saturday and not a party in sight.  Suddenly the door burst open and 3 guys entered, their sense of entitlement showcasing the fact that they were upper classmen.

“Hey A” the blonde one yelled “We heard a rumor that you have actual females in here.”

And he looked at her, and she looked at him and the world stopped for just a second.  She didn’t care that she was sort of, kind of dating A.  She actually forgot about him for a second, because all she knew what that she was completely besotted by this slightly older boy wearing a Hawaiian shirt.  As he was with her.

Do you think the kids of today experience this feeling from swiping right?

You know.  Tinder.  If you don’t know- Tinder is an app that apparently highlights available mates in your vicinity.  You scroll through pictures and swipe right on the promising ones, left on the ones you wouldn’t be caught dead with.  (Honestly, I don’t know if this is how it exactly works, so if anyone has a better description PLEASE chime in.  I really strive for accuracy in my blogs about sex)

So basically, it’s internet shopping.  You place people in your cart, try them on, and if you don’t like them, no harm, no foul, free returns.

But does your heart skip a beat by swiping right?

Millennials and Generation Z (kids born in this century) are certainly more tech savvy than their elders.  They are more gender fluid.  They are passionate and care about causes.  But are they missing out on love?

I guess you can ask- does the youth of today care about love?  Should they care about love?

Or are they just happy with sex?

I remember falling in love.  It was the greatest feeling in the world- I would not trade those memories for anything.  But am I a dinosaur?  Has falling in love become a thing of the past?  Is love going to go the way of eight track tapes and VCR’s?

Think about where kids read about love these days?  The Hunger Games- dystopian.  Divergent- dystopian.  Twilight- weird.  Pretty Little Liars- well, I know there was some murder and some stalking and I think characters hooked up……but you get the idea- are there even love stories for this generation?

So- here’s the question:  Is love over?


Not So Energized Bunny

Fast.  I do everything fast.  People have commented on how fast I read.  They’ve commented on how many things I’m able to accomplish in an hour.  I talk fast.  really fast- just ask my blogger friend who shall remain nameless- even for a New Yorker, I talk fast.  And yes- I live in the city that is in perpetual motion, where everything is go, go, go, but to be honest- I’d probably be this way no matter where I lived. (but to be clear, no one would ever call me fast on the athletic circuit- there I am slow, slow, slow I’ve even been nicknamed the Energizer Bunny- I keep going and going and going.

And even my metabolism was fast……emphasis on was……See, when Voldemort came around (FYI- I know in Potter World the thing that was nameless and the greatest force was Voldemort- but really- the unnamed force in my house is that M word which I won’t give power to, so I call it Voldemort) it screwed up my metabolism…..

I have never been thin- but there are all sorts of reasons for this, but we’re not going to focus on that in this particular blog.  But, as an adult, I’ve usually been able to maintain a reasonable weight.  And I eat.  I mean- I really like food.  I like to go out to eat.  I love to cook.  Food is a big part of my social life, and a big part of my family life.


I went for my health assessment the other day.  I realized I have gained 20 pounds since Voldemort.  I knew I had gained weight- I feel it in my clothes, I see it in pictures.  I was not happy.

Now I know a number on a scale shouldn’t define anything.  I really know that.  But….I also know that this extra weight is not going to be good for an aging body.  I have joint issues and the podiatrist is on speed dial.  See, my weight gain is entirely in the stomach and chest.  (Before you say lucky- trust me- the last place I needed extra weight is in my chest….) So, I still have thin arms and thin legs.  The thin arms…doesn’t matter- but the thin legs are just not meant to carry around this weight.  I know this extra weight is making it harder for my legs and feet to do what they’re supposed to- and it’s only going to become more painful as I get older.


I need to change my lifestyle.  I already exercise and walk a lot (I mean a lot- my average step count is 15,000 excluding exercise).  But I do have to reevaluate my relationship with food.  As stated, I love to cook and bake.  I love to eat out.  So how do I reconcile this?

Well- I’m going to start with my food diary.  When I had to lose the post baby weight, I found this to be the most effective tool.  I write down everything I eat, the time, the reason and anything else that pops up.  After a week, I’m going to evaluate the patterns, (because there are patterns) and figure out what can be changed or adapted.  I am only going to work on one thing a week.  One.  You can’t tackle all the food mistakes at the same time- that is how you fail.  You must break it down into manageable steps.  This is a marathon not a sprint- I am trying to change my eating habits so that I can maintain a weight that is healthier for me.  It may take me longer to lost the weight but I don’t care- my goal is a healthier weight, while maintaining a little bit of the lifestyle I love.

So how does this effect you all?  Well, you will probably hear about this every now and then.  I’m not going to share my food diary, or my weight, or my dress size- but I might talk about the struggles of losing weight.  I might share my frustration.  I might share my successes.  I’m sure there will be some posts about this journey.



Sunday Wrap Up

After some unseasonably hot weather, NYC has had some glorious days.  This makes me happy- I hate the humidity!!  Lots of practical matters to take care of this week, but I managed to sneak in some fun!  These aren’t really reviews, they’re more like ratings.  I have received no compensation for anything I have spoken of, just things I want to share.  All events take place in NYC unless otherwise specified!


“Less” Andrew Sean Greer.  I actually liked this book very much- but I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it when I started reading it- sometimes you do have to keep reading even if you aren’t intrigued……It’s the story of a man about to turn 50, and he’s questioning his life choices.  I know- another dystopian novel about a situation that never happens in real life…..could you imagine if people faced a sort of crisis when they were about to turn 50? 4.3

“A Man Called Ove” Fredrik Backman. This is actually a re-read- I read it a few yeaars ago, but my book club chose it for this month’s selection, so I skimmed it over.  I sort of love this book (and when I started it I thought I wouldn’t finish).  It’s about a man facing a crisis after the loss of his wife.   (hmmmm…do I do everything is patterns……hold that thought) It was one of the most beautiful, life affirming books I’ve ever read, clearly one of my favorite books from the past 5 years. 4.8


“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” Now- I really enjoyed the first Kingsman movie- I thought it funny and clever and slightly different than the others of its genre. It’s got lots of Bond sensibilities, so if you like that sort of thing it”s worth a watch (rent, don’t actually go to the theater) This had some enjoyable moments, the Actors are all very talented and can make anything sound more intelligent than it actually is- but I didn’t like it as much as the first. 3.8

“Brad’s Status” This is about a man in his late 40’s who think his life has amounted to nothing, and is questioning his life choices.  No, you didn’t go back to book reviews….it turns out that more than one man is having a 3/4 life crisis.  I know- right?  Mind blowing that two things would deal with this subject that no one has ever talked about…..Ben Stiller plays the title character with just the right amount of angst- he seems genuine.  The movie resonates with me because the son in this movie has Ivy League dreams- much as my daughter does- and there is a certain terror when you have a child who has goals that just seem unreal.  Decent supporting cast. 4.2


Feast of San Genaro.  Every year in September, New York gets treated to a huge block party- Lots of Italian food vendors (and now other foods) line up Mulberry Street in NY’s Little Italy area.  It’s cheesy (literally and figuratively) but my family loves it and it is one of our traditions.  Our goal is to try something we’ve never had before- this year is was an eggplant and burrata sandwich made by the restaurant Pasquale Jones (FYI- have eaten at the actual restaurant- awesome).  But this is the sort of thing that you walk around and try what looks good.  you also have the option of eating at one the  restaurants that set up outdoor tables.  It gets really crowded- and remember I’m real used to crowds… we tend to go at about 11:30 am not long after they’ve opened.  3.9

Gotham Writers Workshop- I attended an open house sponsored by this writing school.  After attending I chose to take a Fiction writing class which begins tomorrow.  I will keep you informed on my thoughts, feelings, and probably homework assignments as the weeks go on.


Thanks as always to all of you who read and comment on my posts.  I think it’s great when everyone takes part in a discussion.  I love hearing everyone’s thoughts and ideas, and it has made me think about things that I have never thought of, and ponder ideas in new ways.

I am really behind on awards- the next few Saturdays may contain more than 1 award- sorry in advance for those of you who choose not to participate, but yay to those of you who do!!

What’s up for the week?  We all know I never actually write about what I say- the post from Friday was something that I planned on writing about 2 months ago, but kept getting pushed back….But as of now, I’m going to discuss my health (nothing bad- just something I’m not happy about), nature vs nurture, feedback, romance, and whatever 5 topics I actually choose to write about……

Have a great week!  Peace and love to all!!

Mystery Blogger

I would like to thank Mischenko for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award  This site is filled with great reviews, great music and just great everything!  Am so glad I got to know this blog and this blogger!!

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

This award was originally created by Maggie @okoto enigma

Mystery blogger award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.
The rules:
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• Share a link to your best post(s)

Three Things About Me:

  1. I like to write with a freshly sharpened pencil, except when I do crossword puzzles.  Then I choose pen.
  2. I’m really organized, but I can’t find a way to organize the people I nominate for blogger awards.  I need to have a better system.
  3. My shoe size is really a 6.5, but I often buy a 7

Miscneko’s Questions:
1. What’s your ideal pet?

I Love cats, especially my cat because she is so self-sufficient and can take care of herself.  I also love cats because they dole out love at their own pace.  We have that in common.  But don’t tell my dog.
2. What’s your favorite food? 

Cheeseburgers.  Love them!
3. If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?

Not to let my M control me so easily.  every bad decision I ever made was in response to my Mother
4. What is your favorite music?

Classic rock.  Can’t get enough of it.
5. Who do you most admire in life?

My daughter.  She sets a goal and does everything she can to accomplish it.  If she doesn’t succeed, she gets up and gets on with life.  I would love to say her attitude is nurture based, but I think nature played a little hand.

The questions for my nominees:

  1. When were you most proud of yourself?
  2. What is your favorite drink on a hot day?
  3. If you could go anywhere on your next vacation, where would it be?
  4. What color are your eyes?
  5. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

My best post:

You all know I am really critical about my writing- and I’m not sure how to qualify “best” in this situation.  Is it most likes, most views, most comments?  Is it one that I find the best?  So- I’m going to say I love when I write about my Daughter, both the funny ones and the heartfelt ones, because they mean the most to me.  And if you disagree, please feel free to reread all my blogs and give me a hint….kidding…..!!!!

The nominees!  These are blogs I’m just getting to know, as well as some I may know better!  I apologize if I keep forgetting you, or if I’ve nominated you a million times!  It’s more stupidity than anything else!

As always- there is no penalty for not playing!  This is fun, not torture!!!


Method to my Madness

Ok- here’s the post 2 months in the making….the one you’ve all been waiting for……My Sunday Evening Routine.  I know- I know- very exciting.  I’ve wanted to write this post for awhile, but something has always gotten in the way, but here, for your Friday enjoyment…..a little peek into the crazy that I call my mind.

On Sunday nights, (now with the aid of my new planner) I plan out my schedule for the week ahead.

  1. I look at what I have going on and schedule in prep and travel time if required.
  2.   I get everyone else’s schedule for the week and schedule in if I need to assist Husband or Daughter, and I confirm things that I am supposed to do with them
  3. I go over my to do list, schedule when things will be done, and go over my goals and see if anything can be tweaked. This road map time is important to me because it allows me to think about what is and isn’t working, and where I can adjust my routine.  I will write notes months in advance, for example- my January Calendar already has a note- “start planning summer vacation”
  4. I go through “action” folder on my desk.  My action folder holds all papers, mail and school related things that I received that week that did not require immediate action.  It also holds things I ripped out of newspaper or magazine, or brochures I picked up alone the way.  I really look at these things and act on them- ie- if I pulled a recipe I put it in my recipe folder, if I got a flyer for a concert I buy tickets, I schedule to buy canned goods if there is a donation drive at school.  I also file things such as medical reimbursement or anything we still get on paper (which is surprisingly high even though we’ve mostly gone paperless)
  5. I send out text/email to everyone I am supposed to meet with that week to confirm (I also reconfirm the morning of meeting, but that’s just me)
  6. I plan meals and grocery list for entire week (I like knowing who will be home for dinner, what time we will eat, and how much prep will be involved.  I also have certain themes- Monday – Vegetarian, Tuesday -Chicken, Wednesday- Fish, Thursday- Beef, Friday- Pork.  The weekends we often eat out, and I will also utilize leftovers/freezer things.)
  7. I plan time with my family and friends.  Yes- I schedule this because it is important to me.  My goal is to have 2 dates with the Husband (1 us alone, 1 with others), 1 daughter outing, 1 family outing and 1 friend outing and something just for me.  This doesn’t always pan out-(this week I am not able to have an outing with daughter- our schedules conflicted) but I try.
  8. I plan exercise time.  The goal is 5 hours a week.  Exercise is important to me.
  9. I figure out what needs to be bought, and if it can be done online or locally.  I make one run to a drug store type store every week.  If my family needs be to get anything, they must tell me by Monday morning because that is only day I will go.  They don’t tell me, they’re on their own.
  10. I also have a little relax time for me on Sundays.  I like a bath, and I do a face mask and a hair mask and I read a magazine.  This recharges me and makes me the happy go lucky person you read on a daily basis……what- you think I should step up my game on the relaxation cause it’s not really working?!?

Some people will think this is stressful, but seriously- it works for me.  Taking an hour on Sunday nights really sets me up for the week ahead.

And on that note- have a great Friday!