When my daughter was in middle school, she was a debater. Much of her free time was devoted to research, writing out arguments, and actually going to debates. The way middle school debates are formatted, they were given a topic, and were expected to be able to argue both sides.

So, today, we’re going to pretend to be in middle school and we’re going to have a debate.


There is at least one drug company that has developed a vaccine for COVID19. The process of bringing a drug/vaccine to market takes between eighteen months to two years (testing and protocols). Should we bypass normal procedures to bring the vaccine to market quicker?

Now, instead of giving me a yes or a no, I would like you to think of three pros and three cons of this question. Imagine you have to do a formal debate and that you might not be able to argue the side that you believe in-

Three pros and three cons (or 1 or 4 or whatever, but if you play, you need to represent both sides of this argument)


Highlights (?) of the Week That Was


Books I finished:

  1. A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler
  2. The Other’s Gold by Elizabeth Ames
  3. Older, But Better, But Older by Caroline de Maigret

Books I’m Currently reading:

  1. The Book of Self Care: Remedies for Healing Mind, Body and Soul by Mary Beth Janssen
  2. The Library Book by Susan Orlean
  3. The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

Books up Next:

  1. The Self Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser
  2. The Secrets of Love Story Bridge by Phaedra Patrick
  3. Don Tillman’s Standardized Meal System by Graehme Simsion

What I’m Watching:

  1. The Circle – Netflix- Finished the season so hit me up if you want to talk about it
  2. The Great Food Truck Race – Food Network- new season just started
  3. Top Chef- Bravo- new season just started
  4. This is Us- season finale this week!!!
  5. We started to watch Love is Blind (Netflix) and though the idea behind the show is good, it’s pretty slow to watch
  6. Plan on watching Onward at some point this week


When I realized last week that we could be facing self quarantine of sorts, I went to Target and purchased Jenga and Ticket to Ride. My daughter and I have been doing well in Jenga, while my husband has not faired as well. Ticket to Ride to Ride is actually really fun- it’s easy to learn, quick set up, not too long, but satisfying. After getting off to a slow start, I’ve gotten the hang of it and I’m on a two game winning streak. Lot’s of gun rummy, where we are all holding our own. I’m going to try to score more toilet paper at Target so will be perusing board games.

Stay well my friends. If you want to discuss any of those shows, book or anything, hit me up!

Thank you to all who have reached out and given virtual hugs and support to me, my family and my city!!

Gratitude Saturday

So how was everyone’s week?

Let’s see….

I’m grateful for my nook app, and the ability to get books whenever I want

I am also grateful that no one in my house has been locked in a closet yet

And if I was to have a wish list, I would wish for sound canceling headphones…


Actress Evangeline Lilly (Lost, Marvel’s Wasp) has taken a stance on social distancing: she’s against it.

According to Buzzfeed (Morgan Murrell 3/19/20) Lilly stated, after posting a picture of taking her kids to gymnastics this past Monday,  “Some people value freedom over their lives. We all make our choices.”

So- what do we think of this statement?

What is more important, your freedom or you life?

She then added:

“Where we are right now feels a lot too close to Marshall Law for my comfort already, all in the name of a respiratory flu. It’s unnerving.”

In light of the Governor of California’s decision to effectively shut down the state, do you think decisions like this are good or bad, or just decisions that need to be made?

“…keeping a close eye on our leaders, making sure they don’t abuse this moment to steal away more freedoms and grab more power.”

Is Gavin Newsom making a power grab, or is he just trying to protect as many people as possible?

She also stated that “Something big always happens around election season.”

What do we think about that statement, in light of what is going on around the world.

I want you to really think about what this woman is claiming. Is she right, wrong, or somewhere in the middle?

What do you think about this, and why?


Presently, my Democratic Governor and Democratic Mayor are arguing about shelter in place.

Is it the right decision?

Is it the wrong decision?

How about this: it’s a decision that is both right and wrong, good and bad. There are pros and cons.

I’ll tell you one thing- I would not want to be a leader right now…

So, please stop trashing the leaders right now- no matter the party. This is not the time to play my party is better than your. There is no easy route to this. Stop playing along party lines when it comes to this crisis. It will not do any good. It will only be bad

Think you know exactly what should be done now? Well if you do, then tell me the next five winners of the Kentucky Derby. Or admit that you don’t really have a clue as to what should happen.

What if I said we should have stopped international travel on January 1? Kept people entering countries in quarantine for two weeks? How do you think that would have worked?

To say we should have done X is to Monday morning quarterback (for those of you mourning sports and ensuing coverage). There is no absolute answer for what should have been done.

This is not the time for us to be divided. This is a time for unity.

So stop.

Stop blaming leaders.

Stop blaming Chinese.

Stop blaming Asians.

Stop blaming Hassidim.

Stop blaming anti vaxxers.

I live in a blue, sanctuary city. Yet I see a lot of blame and prejudice being tossed around. How do you spell hypocrite?

Right now, our mental health is just as important as our physical beings. Are you spreading hate and negativity, or are you being a positive force?

You know I don’t buy into the happy all the time philosophy. But I also don’t buy into doom and gloom…

If you can’t at least be neutral, than you can be quiet.

Before I logged off Facebook for the duration of the crisis, I watched one person literally melt down in front of me in the comments section of a post.

How is this good for anyone?

You can think whatever you want. But remember your words and actions may affect someone whose mental state is not as strong as others.

Be kind and considerate in words and actions and deeds.

And say a big Thank You to health care professionals, public servants, truckers, postal workers, cashiers, employees at companies that ship….and all those people that are literally keeping things running.


Day 3

  1. For the first time in my blogging life I don’t have a problem with titles
  2. I play a home design game- I got a 5 on my room yesterday, which is the top score. Highlight of my day…
  3. This Is Us anyone? email me if you want to dish
  4. Reading “The Other’s Gold” by Elizabeth Ames- Too righteous to be a beach read, too shallow to be literary fiction
  5. Reading “A Good Neighborhood” I like that it’s told in third person, but the book is just the latest in a long line of books trying to prove a point. At this point, if someone hasn’t gotten the point, it’s because they don’t care
  6. Today I’m going to start a book about how the French face aging…and I’m going to pretend I’m French…
  7. My family got along well yesterday, though my husband did ask if we could do something about all the stuff that has accumulated on the dining room table…I just looked at him…
  8. My husband is starting to lose it working from home- he really wants to go to his office
  9. I now wear gardening gloves when I leave the house-
  10. Cheers to all the supermarket workers. Talk about unheralded super hero’s…
  11. Someone posted yesterday that people shouldn’t be complaining that there kids are missing school- they could teach them cooking or sewing a button or practical things. Awesome, especially as said by someone who probably hasn’t had a school age child cooped up in their house for a long time…
  12. I won the family Jenga contest yesterday- bad back and all…
  13. We’ve been playing backgammon using all four dice per turn- my husband rolled four 2’s….again- this was a cause for cheer- so you can see that our minds will be the first thing to go…
  14. Thank goodness for e books…

Day 2

  1. We haven’t turned on one another…yet
  2. My husband is quick tempered and impatient on a normal basis…adversity and proximity heighten these things
  3. We have been watching ‘The Circle” on Netflix. It’s a social experiment show where eight people are put in an apartment building, yet they don’t meet. All their interaction is through online chatting. It’s really quite interesting because the show is obviously all social distancing…It also brings up the whole influencer and catfish angles which I have touched on in my blog. On the surface it’s like Jersey Shore meets big brother- but there’s a sociological angle that’s right under the surface
  4. We watched Lincoln Rhymes Bone Collector. Thought it was excellent- but you know I have a serial killer thing
  5. Yesterday I said that I would walk the dog. My husband was all- Ill come. And really, all I wanted was ten minutes alone….
  6. My back is still bad- my biggest worry will be running out of motrin/Tylenol/advil/ or my microwave breaking so I can’t heat up my wrap pack
  7. There is a thing as too much pasta
  8. Every day we try to pick up stuff at the store- today will be attempting to get tin foil, olive oil, and mayo. We always get fresh produce if available.
  9. My daughter’s first day of online learning went OK. 10 of 13 showed up for French and 40 of 60 showed up for math. She said the biggest issue facing online learning will be the time zone issue, as many of her classmates are not on the east coast.
  10. My husband does not like working from home- he had 45 minutes yesterday when he was logged out of the network…yeah…good times…
  11. I finished “The Girl Who Reads on the Metro” yesterday. It was an OK read but I do not recommend.
  12. I started reading “The Other’s Gold” about college friends and mistakes. Will give you a review when past chapter four
  13. If anyone wants to play words with friends, hit me up on
  14. I made my bed
We found Jack the Bulldog

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Live long and prosper


Day one of my husband and daughter at home

Ok- I wasn’t going to blog, but it appears that my mental health will depend on it…

Today, I’m just going to do a list, in no particular order, of everything running through my mind. If anything really interests anyone, I will write a blog about it. Today, I’m just cleansing my mind.

  1. On friday, My daughter got the word that she had to be out of her dorm room. She was already in DC on what they call an alternative break program, so we just needed to get down there
  2. My husband said to me, when I told him he needed to go and get her, that he really wanted to just relax this weekend…..
  3. My husband and daughter are highly educated and intelligent people- yet- they struggled packing the car. I got a call on Saturday that they couldn’t get half the stuff in. I had to tell them remotely how to pack…
  4. They managed to take home something that was broken, and leave one thing behind. Of course the unbroken thing they left behind was the same size as the broken thing they took home
  5. My apartment looks like an episode from hoarders. We had been using my daughters room as a quasi storage room because they have been doing work in our basement and I can’t access my storage locker. There are things all over the My apartment. No lie. Just piles of things
  6. My daughter and I did eight loads of laundry yesterday. This morning we found more things that need to be washed…remember- I don’t have laundry facilities in my apartment- I have to go to the part of basement not being worked on…
  7. I threw out my back yesterday…
  8. I told my husband to put the clothes in the dryer, 2 machines worth. I told him to use two dryers so things would dry properly. Of course he used one, and then proceeded to bring up still wet clothes….ask me what my face looked like…
  9. At bedtime last night, my daughter realize she didn’t know where her stuffed bulldog (college mascot) was. I was up half the night thinking where it could be because we’ve unpacked almost everything. I know it sounds silly but my daughter has been a rock (if not a good packer) about everything, but if she lost Jack that just might put her over the edge
  10. I really thought about buying the board game pandemic…but went with ticket to ride
  11. I still made my bed today…

May the force be with you, but not the corona….

Stay strong….


I have decided I will not be part of the media circus.

Stop blaming anyone for anything. We have all played a part in what is happening.

Wash you hands.


Don’t touch your face.

Be kind to one another.


How you doing?

I read a few articles a few weeks back, by some Doctors with some pretty decent credentials, that stated that 70% of humanity will be affected by corona. So every perspective I have revolves around that number.

I live in NYC.

I fully reason that my husband and I have been exposed to corona. Logically, that seems feasible.

Any mortality rate being reported is considered a biased statistic, because it is not a clean sample of what is happening. We have no idea how many people actually have been exposed or are actually sick from it. There is no way to determine a mortality rate at this time unless every person in the world is tested. The world.

So if you’re me, and you are pretty confident that you’ve been exposed because of the sheer number of people that inhabit your direct universe…

How do you act?

If indeed these end up being my last days on earth, do I want to go out banging my head against a wall worrying about something that I can’t control?

Or do I just continue to do the things I love?

I’m a control freak of the first order, and even I know that there is nothing to do to control this. There is no way to plan. There is really no way to prepare.

Stay hydrated. Wash you &^%$ hands. Wash them again. Don’t touch your face. Sleep a little bit more.

Stay calm. Keep rational.

What is panic going to do to help the situation?

Maybe I’m being an ostrich. But right now, I prefer that to Chicken Little.

And when a vaccine is created, which will be soon, because we’re not complete morons…think about who should get it first. I will not be first in line. I will leave that to the people who do have immune issues and respiratory issues, people whose health is much more precarious than my own.

I know when I go to book club and we read books about people who face diversity head on and do the noble thing, everybody in the club (except me) wholeheartedly says that they would be hiding Jews in closets, or facing the hordes at the door, but you know, looking at how people are reacting now….I’d say they’re all a bunch of liars. Right now, everyone is only out for themselves, and humanity can take a leap for all anyone cares…

You never know how you’ll react in a crisis until you’re in one…

How you doing?