Naxos sunrise….then the journey home



Of course we found cats and a bookstore…


Plus: upgrade at hotel

Minus: got really lost walking home from hotel when we were exhausted!

But….awesome day!


So…earthquake today! Actually didn’t feel it, but the aftershock….well, we felt that. Was at a museum and saw a sculpture shake!


Apologies to all! Having massive computer issues! Will hopefully be back soon with responses and the other story!!


When I Don’t Like Myself

My Sister in Law and her family were not able to go to dinner with us on the night of my daughters graduation, so we went to dinner with them on Thursday, the night before. Also in attendance were my Mother in Law and her boyfriend.

Ten people.

Honoring my Daughters accomplishments and High School career, a pre college send off.

Except, did you know that my niece won the English award at her middle school moving up ceremony? And she goes to private school. And there are one hundred kids in her grade. And you know it’s private school….

And did you know that B is going to be in an Honors class next year? At private school?

And J is the BEST athlete in the whole town they live in? he pitched the game.

Now repeat all those statements about a thousand times. In my Mother in Law’s voice. Because it was not my sister or brother in law making these proclamations. Nor was it the kids themselves. It was my Mother in Law.

Ask me how many times she mentioned my daughter’s 98 average over four years of high school, including a 100.32 senior year?

How many times she mentioned my daughter’s three school tennis trophies including MVP this year, highest doubles rating in her division and numerous strong finishes?

The fact that she was allowed to take over the maximum amount of AP classes that her school allows?

It was so bad that my sister in law said to my daughter- “Sorry. I can’t say anything nice to you without my Mother jumping in to tell us how great my kids are.”

That’s how bad it was.

So for 2 hours we heard how great my niece and nephews are, and nothing about my daughter.

Which turns me into a bad person. I really wanted to say something mean about the kids. I wanted to say something mean about how they weren’t really accomplishments. How they didn’t compare to my daughters accomplishments. I was starting to get passive aggressive about the whole thing. It’s not a look I want to wear. I am not proud of myself for these feelings.

I really don’t like the person I become when my Mother in Law is around. I don’t understand why she wants to compare her grandkids. Shouldn’t we all be allowed to embrace their accomplishments without having to continually tout one over the other?

I’m going to do some sort of penance for my bad thoughts. But it will be after tomorrow’s post because I still haven’t talked about graduation yet.

The New Beginning

I’m drained.

Emotionally because my daughter graduated and I am about to become an empty nester.

Mentally because I just spent too much time with family- I promise there will be stories but I am too spent to tell them.

Physically because my daughter no longer has a curfew but I still can’t sleep till she’s home…..and there were many late nights this past week.

My Daughter has a summer bucket list- things she want’s to do/try before she heads off to DC. We spent the day yesterday in Battery Park City- riding the sea glass carousel, then walking along the water till we got to the newly refurbished South Street Seaport Pier 17. We ate at an outdoor cafĂ© and enjoyed the summer sun. It reminds me of when my daughter was younger and I would plan city adventures for our family. Except now, my daughter is the one with the ideas and the itineraries. It’s nice having someone else do the planning…

I’m going to try to enjoy the next few months, my daughter sleeping in the room down the hall. I honestly don’t know how often she will be back here…she is already talking about spending next summer abroad…

So today is short and sweet- sort of like me. I’m going to breathe today, and make pesto with the ridiculous amount of basil that has grown in my planter…

Art exhibit where were given pain and crayons and can add to it
Crab cake at Industry City
The Salty Pimp at Big Gay Ice Cream
Sea Glass Carousel Battery Park City

Highlights June 23

Hmmmm Did anything happen this week?

Prom- seeing my daughter and her friends dressed up

Graduation- My Daughter made one of the grad speeches, she won the English medal, she graduated High School…..

I didn’t strangle anyone, but boy, do I have stories….

All in all, it was a good week.

I have no idea what I’m going to write about this upcoming week, think of it as a sort of anything can happen Monday…

My brain is toast, and I’m going to mentally recuperate!!